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10 health benefits of meditation and how to focus on mindfulness




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10 health benefits of meditation and how to focus on mindfulness



10 health benefits of meditation and how to focus on mindfulness

Table of Contents


. 10 Benefits of Meditation


. Health-related Benefits


. Mindfulness


. Here are some mindfulness exercises for beginners


. The Raisin Exercise


. The Body Scan


. Mindful Seeing


. Mindful Listening


. The 5 Senses Exercise


. Conclusion

What if I told you that you could be the highest version of yourself by spending just a few moments a day? You would obviously say yes. Then ask me how.

The answer is meditation and mindfulness.

We have heard about how great meditation is from various spiritual people or your self-improvement guides. But have you ever wondered how you could benefit from meditation?

If yes, you are in the exact right place to find out.

10 Benefits of Meditation

  1. A new perspective on your situation: Meditating helps you see what matters to you and what doesn’t. It gives you a fresh outlook and helps you view your problems differently.
  2. Managing stress: Meditation helps calm your nerves and manage ALL that workday stress.
  3. Self-awareness: Getting in touch with yourself by observing your thoughts is another benefit that meditation gives you.
  4. Reduces negativity: It helps you cleanse your mind of all the distressing thoughts and negative voices.
  5. Increase creativity: Meditation allows for free flow of inspiration and ideas in your mind.
  6. Patience and tolerance: It also helps you be more patient with circumstances and become more tolerant towards those around you.

Health-related Benefits

  1. Regulates blood pressure: When you meditate, you feel a sense of calm, which helps reduce stress and high blood pressure.
  2. Improves your sleep cycle: Meditation helps with melatonin levels in your mind, which help you sleep better.
  3. Self-control: Meditation helps with self-control as it regulates your thoughts and gives you more impulse control. Unhealthy curbings can be reduced by 40% by practicing meditation for 10 minutes per day.
  4. Improves concentration and focus: Practicing meditation for longer periods helps you focus on one thing for a long time, which you can apply to other areas of your life for better focus


Meditation goes hand in hand with another concept called mindfulness. Mindfulness is simply defined as being aware of the moment that you are in.

It helps you stay grounded and focused on the exact moment that you are living right now.

So, how does being mindful benefit you ?

  • It helps strengthen relationships
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves mental health
  • It helps us stay in the present
  • Keeps worries in check
  • Gives mental clarity

The reason mindfulness helps so much with anxiety is because it focuses your attention on the moment you are in right now and forces you to let go of your dread of the past and fear of the future. It redirects your regrets and fears and instead helps you stay grounded.

Mindfulness techniques help you change your entire reality. It is like your personal magic spell that transforms your thought process fundamentally to improve focus and gratitude.

It helps reduce your anxious “what if this happens” thoughts and replaces those with “I can deal with anything that comes my way” thoughts.

Practice mindfulness, which should be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. I personally love to start my day by being mindful or journaling my thoughts.

Here are some mindfulness exercises for beginners

1. The Raisin Exercise

This is a very simple, low-effort exercise. It connects your senses to help you be more present and in the moment. You take a raisin, and you focus on all the aspects of eating it.

Instead of eating raisins while watching a show or cramming some in your mouth as you head out the door, you take a single raisin and eat it while focusing on all your five senses.

How the raisin looks, how it feels, how it smells, how it tastes, the sound of you biting into it or chewing it.

2. The Body Scan

All you need to do for this exercise is lie down. Now, you start scanning your body like an internal x-ray.

You start at the top and work your way to the bottom, feeling all your parts with your mind. Your head, your shoulders, your neck, all the way to your little toes.

You notice any discomforts or sensations you feel as you move across your body. This brings awareness to your parts as you examine them with your mind’s eye.

3. Mindful Seeing

For this exercise, you need a window. You sit at this window and observe everything you see. For example, buildings, clouds, vehicles, trees, and people.

Further, you observe what you can see in the buildings: the slight movement of the clouds, what the vehicles are carrying, the leaves on the trees, and what the people are doing. The important thing is to be observant but not critical.

4. Mindful Listening

Mindful listening helps with retaining information, building relationships, and improving communication.

Mindful listening involves paying attention when someone is speaking actively and also paying attention to your own thoughts, feelings, and body sensations both when talking and when listening.

5. The 5 Senses Exercise

This is my personal favourite. It is similar in purpose to the raisin exercise, but rather than using an object to experience your senses, you use your surroundings as a whole.

For example, you walk into your room. Focus on how it feels to be in this room. What do you see when you are in your room? What do you smell? What do you feel? What do you hear? What do you taste as you stand in your room?

You may see your bed, you may feel the cold floor, you may hear the ticking of your wall clock, and you may taste the coffee you just drank.


If you have been on the quest for self-improvement for a long time, you have now found your treasure map that shows you how to get to your gold (the best version of yourself).

Mindfulness and meditation are sure-shot techniques for getting you wherever you want to go. This is an era where healing and self-improvement are finally getting the attention they deserve.

So start today. Take 10 minutes from whatever you are doing. Maybe do a mindfulness exercise. Your lifestyle improves when you take action.

See you on the other side, where we are living our best lives! Are you in ?

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