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Transcendental Bliss: A Journey into the Profound Benefits of Transcendental Meditation Practice



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Transcendental Bliss: A Journey into the Profound Benefits of Transcendental Meditation Practice



Transcendental Bliss: A Journey into the Profound Benefits of Transcendental Meditation Practice

Table of Contents


. Practicing transcendental meditation


. Transcendental meditation mantras


. Best transcendental meditation for beginners


. Transcendental meditation benefits

If you want to experience mental clarity, expand your perspective, and elevate your connection with yourself, then transcendental meditation is the way to go!

Transcendental meditation is probably one of the easiest types of meditation one can practice to profoundly elevate their life experience.

Transcendental meditation is a type of meditation that is aimed at achieving “relaxed awareness”.

Relaxed awareness is basically a state of higher consciousness where we are completely still and at peace but also aware of our surroundings. It is like finding the eye of the hurricane of life, where everything around might be swirling with powerful winds, but we are in a state of complete stillness and mental clarity.

Transcendental meditation techniques are a great mental detox to gain a new perspective and flush out negativity.

Practicing transcendental meditation

What you need is a calm environment, some go-to mantras, and a place to sit, and that’s it!

Transcendental meditation is practiced by sitting in peace, closing your eyes, and silently repeating a mantra. This mantra is a word of affirmation, or a comfort word, that you repeat over and over again for a duration of 10–20 minutes a day.

Transcendental meditation mantras

If you are looking for an authentic mantra, here are some transcendental meditation mantras for you:

  1. OM (pronounced as Om̐) is a very powerful mantra used in all types of meditation. It is a very effective tool for spiritual growth. It is a tool to achieve inner harmony.

  2. AIM (pronounced as Aim̐) is another mantra that is believed to connect you with higher knowledge and improve expression and skills. It is also associated with creativity and academic prowess.

3.SHREEM(pronounced as Śrīm̐) is a mantra that opens doors of wealth for you and is said to attract prosperity and abundance into your life.

  1. KLEEM (pronounced as Klīm̐) is a mantra that helps foster harmony and peace in love and relationships.

  2. AING (pronounced as i:ing) is very useful if you want to manifest self-confidence and mental strength. It is also linked to wisdom and heightened intellectual capabilities.

  3. AUM (pronounced as Aum̐) mantra is said to encourage spiritual growth and awareness. It also deepens spiritual connections and encourages a more relaxed state of mind.

These mantras can be easily incorporated into your daily meditation routine to elevate both the meditative experience and results.

If you prefer words of affirmation, then here are some self-affirmation phrase ideas for you:

  • “I am divinely protected.”
  • “I am ready to receive all that is meant for me.”
  • “I am the best version of myself that I can be today.”
  • “What is meant for me will always find me.”
  • “Money and prosperity flow to me easily.”
  • “I am strong and capable.”

You can customize these phrases depending on what you are looking to improve in your life or attract into it.

Best transcendental meditation for beginners

Transcendental meditation is recommended to be practiced daily for 10–20 minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1: Find an environment that is comfortable and not too distracting for you. An ideal place to meditate is one that is quiet and relaxing.

Step 2: Settle yourself comfortably in the little nook you find for yourself, close your eyes, and ease your thoughts.

Step 3: Take your selected transcendental meditation mantra and slowly start repeating it in your head. Your focus should be completely on your mantra and the kind of energy you want it to resonate with.

The uniqueness of transcendental meditation is that unlike other forms of meditation, which focus on clearing your head, transcendental meditation aims to focus your thoughts in a singular direction and channel these thoughts with the help of a mantra or affirmations.

Transcendental meditation benefits

  • The benefits offered by transcendental meditation are very comprehensive and extend to all areas of our lives. It allows us to expand our perspective, improve our focus, and also improve our cognition and brain functioning.

  • Apart from that, when we repeat an affirmation or a mantra, we are unconsciously setting the law of attraction into motion by shaping our thoughts positively. When we repeat these mantras, we are basically reprogramming our brain to focus on the mantra, which attracts positivity and manifests the affirmations in our lives.

  • Repeating mantras while practicing transcendental meditation acts as a technique that can subliminally modify our thoughts to truly believe in the affirmations we repeat.

  • The scientific backing for the effectiveness of mantras is that chanting helps create vibrations in our body that calm down the nervous system and reduce the effects of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the body’s stress response.

Transcendental Bliss: A Journey into the Profound Benefits of Transcendental Meditation Practice

Transcendental meditation techniques are beneficial regardless of whether we are spiritual or not. The profound benefits of transcendental meditation can be enjoyed by all, with just a few minutes a day spent chanting a comfort affirmation.

It creates a relaxed and safe environment for us and helps channel our energy to the aspects of our lives that require it.

Once we have selected our mantra based on what we specifically want to improve or manifest in our lives, the effects that chanting has on your aura will be visibly positive. The mindset shift from pessimistic to optimistic will elevate our lives to heights we never even imagined.

Let’s take life one mantra at a time!

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