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Embarking on Manifestation: A Beginner's Guide to the Law of Attraction

#Law of attraction for beginners

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Embarking on Manifestation: A Beginner's Guide to the Law of Attraction



Embarking on Manifestation: A Beginner's Guide to the Law of Attraction

Table of Contents


. Here is a beginner’s guide to manifesting methods that are simple and very effective


. Visualization


. Scripting


. Vision boards


. Reflection


. 369 method


. Affirmations

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Hello, who’s calling?

Your dream life!

Did you know that you could attract something into your life by simply believing it was already yours?

This is because of something called the law of attraction, which is your best friend on your journey to manifest your dream reality.

The law of attraction, for beginners, is a new spiritual belief that, when put simply, says that your thoughts shape your reality. The law of attraction believes that the nature of your thoughts shapes your experiences.

Positive thoughts bring positive results, and negative thoughts bring negative ones. Believing in your dream reality can actually bring it into existence for you.

Your reality reflects your thoughts and beliefs. Shape them to believe that you are capable and deserving, and suddenly everything works out for you.

Your mental attitude brings you your environment, conditions, and situations that you have to deal with in life. The reason the law of attraction works for people is because it taps into their connection with the universe, and it positively impacts their mental well-being.

The most popular way to use the law of attraction for your benefit is manifestation.

Let’s get into what goes into manifesting for beginners.

There are many methods to manifest your dream reality into existence. But one thing they all have in common is positive thoughts. Manifesting using the law of attraction is the ultimate combo.

Manifestation is putting the law of attraction into practice.

So manifestation is basically refocusing your thoughts on what you want. It involves shifting your mental energy towards what you desire. When you devote time to manifesting, you channel your positivity and your energy solely toward your dreams and desires.

Call it a form of meditation where you focus on what matters most to you and focus only on that.

Here is a beginner’s guide to manifesting methods that are simple and very effective


This is where you simply sit for a few minutes every day and visualize your dream life. You need to be very specific about the details.

You can visualize yourself with everything you desire, or imagine what a day in your dream life looks like, down to the smallest detail.


This is where, instead of just stopping at visualizing, you go one step further and write it down. Like a movie script, you script your dream reality.

What you do in your dream reality, what kind of relationships you have, and how much you earn—you script all of that.

Vision boards

This is very popular. And it is my personal favorite because it is just so much fun.

You make a board or collection of pictures that would describe your new life. What I do personally is, at the start of every year, make a Pinterest board of what I want my life to be like that year.

You can make a vision board at any time. You set goals for yourself, and you make something that you can see every day to remind you what it would be like to have all that you want.

It keeps me going throughout the year.


You can do this every day. You can journal how much progress you’ve made. Reflect on your choices and actions and in what direction they are.

If they contributed to helping you achieve your goals in some way or if you need to make changes, reflective journaling is not only a method of manifesting but also acts as a form of therapy to identify your triggers, find what distracts you, and identify parts of your life that are draining on your energy and need to be removed.

369 method

This is a numerology-based method, as the number 369 is said to unlock your connection with the universe. You write down your desires three times in the morning, six times during your day, and nine times at the end of your day.

You are reminded throughout the day about what matters most to you. By writing it down a specific number of times, you are reinforcing the idea of your desires in your head.


This is another favorite of mine. All you’ve got to do is sit by yourself or stand in front of a mirror (I do it in front of a mirror because it makes me feel better), and you repeat affirmations that resonate the most with you and what you feel you need to hear.

“I am worthy,"

“I will get that job,"


“I am the best version of myself.”

These are a few examples.

Manifesting puts into effect a change in your mindset and your attitude towards what you want. What you predominantly think about is what you see in your reality. Taking action to achieve your goals is great! But you also need a mindset shift in order to become the version of yourself who is living your dream life.

One very powerful mindset technique is living as if you are already your highest self.

How would you spend your time when you are in your dream life?

What choices would you make?

How would you handle yourself and present yourself in your dream reality?

Think very carefully about such aspects of your desired lifestyle and implement them now. Even if you are not where you want to be, act like you are. Think and behave like you are the most powerful version of yourself, and manifest it into existence.

They say if you want the job, dress like it. Well, they are right.

The universe gives you not what you want but what you reflect. That is why manifestation focuses on changing your thoughts to show that you ARE that person, because when you believe, the universe mirrors your energy.

When you act like you are deserving and worthy, your life mirrors your actions. When you truly believe that your dream reality is yours, the universe believes in you too.

Believe the universe works in your favor, and guess what? It actually will.

Your dream life is calling.

Take the call!!

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